Antje "Annie" Crawford

August 9, 1945 - June 26, 2019

Funeral Service July 2, 2019 10:00 AM

Antje “Annie” Crawford 73, of Ogden, passed away with her family by her side at the Rocky Mountain Care Center in Logan Utah, on Wednesday, June 26, 2019, She was born August 9, 1945, in Delft, South Holland. Daughter of Adrianus Herbert and Hilkina E. Prime.

Annie married Glen G. Thompson in 1970 and from that marriage she had two children; Benjamin D. Thompson and Stacey L. Thompson. Glen and Annie divorced in 1978. In 1996, she married Samuel V. Crawford.

Annie was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She graduated from Seminary, she was a life-long member of Epsilon Sigma Alpha (ESA), she also participated in Toastmasters, Fraternal Order of the Eagles, and Landmark Forum. In 2006, she received her Nursing Assistant Certification and worked as a CNA in the healthcare field. She loved growing rose bushes and working in the garden. She was an avid bowler and participated in many leagues. She loved camping at Bear Lake and swimming on the beach. She was involved in many self-improvement programs and enjoyed the camaraderie of many dear friends.

She is survived by her husband Samuel Vaughn Crawford, of Ogden, Utah; her daughter Stacey Thompson of Logan, Utah. her son, Benjamin (Stacy) Thompson of West Jordan, Utah. Brothers: John (Kris) Herbert of Tigard, Oregon; David (Nancy) Herbert of Ogden Utah; Adrian (Laura) Herbert also of Ogden; and One sister Maria (Joe) Worrell of Brigham, Utah. Grandchildren: Tiffany Thompson, Charles Thompson, and Tina Thompson. Special friends: Bill and Tammie Roe, Amber Bassett.

She was preceded in death by her parents Adrianus and Hilkina Herbert, Her ex-husband Glen G. Thompson, and a sister-in-law Eileen Herbert

Funeral services will be conducted at 10 a.m. Tuesday, July 2, 2019, at the Rushton Heights Ward, LDS Church located at 1550 Rushton Street, Ogden, Utah.  Visitation will be conducted from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. at the ward building prior to the funeral services. Burial will follow at the Memorial Gardens of the Wasatch, Ogden, Utah.

Funeral arrangements are under the direction of the Franklin County Funeral Home, 56 S. State Street, Preston, Idaho. 208-254-7866.

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Ann was born near the end of WWII.Times were hard for our parents. I can remember Mom saying that food was scarce and the German soldiers were tough on Dutch people. After Ann was born Dad was put in a German prison camp. That left Mom trying to figure out how to care for 2 kids. Mom several times had to grab the girls and duck into a ditch when bombers flew over. Ann was very young at that time. In 1947 Mom and Dad were able to save enough money to pay passage for their family. With their two girls, Mary and Ann, they traveled to the U.S. and on to Ogden Utah where they were sponsored by a Bro of Dads. They lived in a basement house near 5 points. In 1953 Dad and Mom bought a house on 22nd and Tyler where we all grew up together. In 1954 we took a awesome vacation to California. Dad bought a 1953 Oldsmobile for the trip. And the family of 6 traveled together to San Francisco and back. One of us would sleep on the rear window shelf, one on the floor board and 2 on the seat. Ann and Mary usually were in the seat. We camped wherever we could. We did alot of camping as a family. We were free range kids. We had a blast at the camp grounds, running around, playing games and meeting other kids. We were always the main attraction and Ann was in the middle of it having a ball.A fond memory of mine growing up in the 50's with 2 older sisters rock roll music was played continuously. Even today, 60yrs later it's still my favorite. I can remember when Ann was in Jr. High going to a Sock shop dance wearing a Poodle skirt, white socks and saddle shoes. She was very excited. I think in 1966 Ann moved to Boise Idaho and never returned home. She was then, on her own.
- John Herbert, brother

I'd bake cakes in the kitchen with Ann. One time we were making one and KLO the radio station that broadcast from warren said first to bring a cake to him would get the1964 Beatles album since I had the done just had frost it , she drove me down to warren we got it.
- David Herbert, brother

I’ve known Annie since high school and have been lucky enough to run into her often over the years since. She was unfailingly happy to see me, kind and concerned and gracious. My sincere condolences to her family.we’ve all lost a light in our lives.
- Vincie Munson Giles

I am her daughter Stacey's friend. Stacey and I meet in Jr high and became fast friends. One time I went over to Stacey's house for a sleep over. Ann fixed us dinner, while we were sitting eating she asked me what was wrong. I confided in her that my parent are getting divorced and I was feeling very sad. She got up and gave me a hug. And just whispered in my ear just remember both your parents love you. No matter how hard or gets. They love you. That simple statement got me through my teen years. Ann always accepted me, and made me feel welcome. Whether I was at her house or ran into her when out and about. Stacey and I have stayed friends over the years and I considered Ann my friend as well. I love you ladies thanks for being part of my life! Kamie
- Kamie Nanney

I became Annie's neighbor in in Ogden in May 2013; I rented the house right next to her, that I would soon find out was her house at one time several years ago. Annie was a very nice, polite, respectful, caring neighbor; and became a great friend. Annie was very sociable, and at times helpful when I needed a small favor. She invited me over to have dinner with her and her nephew Brian on 3-4 occasions. And she even gave me a nice card at Christmas time. Annie was nice and respectful towards my wife when we were dating. She was also very nice towards my daughters when she met them. Annie definitely loved working in the yard when the weather was descent. I got to know a few things about her through occasional conversation. I learned a lot more things about her at her memorial service. She endured a lot in life, but always managed to hold her head up high and work her way through it no matter what. Any was living proof that there are still great people in this world. She definitely had a great heart. Annie will definitely be missed by many. Rest in peace my friend. My condolences to Annie's family.
- David Cook

Our sincere condolences in the loss of Annie. She was a good friend and sister-in-law. Her support and love for her husband Sam was always very notable. We loved her and will miss her very much.
- David Crawford

When I met Annie I made a promise in which I have kept to this day. To take care of her little Big sister Mary (Maria). And to love her and all her family no matter what happens. I was blessed in knowing her and what she did for both of us. Both Good and bad, we learn to love each other.
- Joe Worrell ( brother- in- law)

Annie was always 1st to greet us at high school reunions. I have photos from our 55th with her & other friends. She took pictures with our phones of us. I was so sad to see that she had died. I didn't know she was Dutch or I would have told her the cool story of my 10th great grandmother, Penelope Van Princis Stout. She would have loved the story! It's on the internet if you're interested. All my sympathies to your family.
- Nancy Salimeno Jensen

Funeral Service Details

July 2, 2019
10:00 AM

Rushton Heights Ward LDS Chapel

1550 Rushton Street, Ogden, Utah

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Tuesday July 2, 2019
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

Rushton Heights Ward LDS Chapel

1550 Rushton Street, Ogden, Utah

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Memorial Gardens of the Wasatch

1718 Combe Road, Ogden , Utah

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