Justin Wilson
Funeral Director Assistant
Justin was born in Brigham City and grew up just over the hill in Corinne, Utah. He was one of 6 children and enjoyed growing up in a small town. After school, Justin started work in production and spent a lot of time outdoors. He loved camping on the weekends and it was on a camping trip with friends that he met his wife, Spring. After they married, he continued work in production but dreamed of another career. He wasn’t quite sure what he was supposed to do but knew he wanted to make a difference. In October 2010, he and his wife were planning to welcome their 3rd beautiful child and only daughter, Truce to their family. Unfortunately, they experienced what no parent should have to experience and their daughter passed away. The care and compassion they received from the Funeral Director during this difficult time led Justin in the direction he knew he wanted to take with his career. He moved his family to the Cache Valley area and then Preston, where he started work setting up gravesite services and placing headstones. In this job, he became familiar with many local Funeral Directors and his desire to pursue his dream to help others at their most difficult time grew stronger. It was a long journey, but today he is well on his way to fulfilling his dream of being a Funeral Director himself. He is currently a Funeral Assistant and is enrolled in Mortuary School for Funeral Directing. He is grateful for the opportunity at Franklin County Funeral Home, where he works with amazing people and friends and is excited to be part of such a great team. He and his wife now have 5 amazing boys who he hopes to instill compassion and pass on the desire to be of service to others when they need it most.