Todd Goodsell
Funeral Director and Owner
I was born in Logan, Utah and raised in Newton, Utah on a family dairy farm the oldest of five children. As a youth I believed that that would be my life calling, continuing in the dairy industry. The dairy and caring for cattle was all I thought I knew how to do. That all changed in 1981, when as a very young man my wife and I found out our first child was going to be twins and within weeks of that glorious news, tragedy struck and the babies were delivered way too early. We lost our sons Steven and Travis just days after their birth. This was a life-changing event for many reasons, but the most important was the experience of going through the arrangements and the funeral itself. My mother Sandra (Bowman) Goodsell a Cub River native called on Spencer Cranney another Preston boy and owner of the former Cranney Mortuary for help. Mom had known Spencer growing up and trusted him. For myself, I really knew very little about death and the funeral and grieving process at that time of my life. The closest I had come was attending the funeral of a couple of my great-grandparents, which always had felt cold and somewhat sterile. The concept of planning a funeral was one I just could not grasp at that time, so I was grateful that someone stepped in to take over. What an amazing man Spencer turned out to be and a man who truly changed my life. The experience of the funeral service, his compassion, and dedication to making sure that my wife and I were able to spend the time we needed with our baby boys. He took the time to talk to us, answering all the questions we had. I did not know it at the time, but the seed was planted in me to soon realize that this is what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be able to help people in the way that he helped us. I wanted to be able to step in and help a family who was going through a loss and make things just a little bit better for them. Spencer turned a horrific life experience of two young scared kids into a bearable life experience. He set the wheels in motion for me to want to pay back that dedication and service to other families. I have always tried to do that with the families who have given me the honor of serving them and their loved ones. In 1986 I had relocated my family to Pasco Washington, where I was again working on a dairy farm. While there I saw an advertisement looking for someone to work part-time at a local funeral home, mostly lite maintenance and yard care. I jumped at the chance and within weeks that part-time job became my full-time reality and the rest is history. I completed an apprenticeship in Washington state with Bruce Lee Memorial Chapel and then relocated to Rupert Idaho where I could be closer to my family in Utah. I worked with Arvin Hansen at Hansen Mortuary, completing an apprenticeship in Idaho while obtaining my general education classes. I also served a term as the Minidoka County Coroner. I then relocated my family to Portland, Oregon where I attended mortuary school, graduating in 1991. It is good to be back in Cache Valley where I have a very large family, including parents, siblings, aunts and uncles galore. It is good to be able to see them all again on a regular basis. I also have 3 sons and 3 beautiful daughters-in-law who have given me 12 grandchildren. Life is good.